Watch the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir Silt In

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siltation in the SFRR

Sedimentation Chart for the SFRR
November 19, 2007 memo from Tom Frederick in which he explains how the height of the new RMR dam must compensate for the future loss of water due to siltation at SFRR (pg 2, paragraph 3, last line)

  • The South Fork Rivanna Reservoir (SFRR) was created in 1966 with a storage capacity of 1,700 million gallons (1,208 useable*)
  • Since that time the reservoir has lost an average of 15.1 million gallons of capacity each year.
  • In March 2002, SFRR had a capacity of 1,155 million gallons (800 useable*)
  • By 2055, it is estimated that SFRR will hold only 398 million gallons (200 useable*)
  • By 2055 SFRR will hold less than 20% of its original capacity
    Unless something is done to save the reservoir

*useable storage is above the intake pipe