A Citizen's Guide to the 50-year Water Supply

This graph illustrates the dramatic rise in annual debt payments for the Community Water Plan. Debt service (think mortgage) will go from the current $3.3 million to more than $12 million in 10 years. Today, charges for debt service and reserves already constitute more than 60% of the rate RWSA bills its two customers.

Where is the unrestricted reserve of $20.4 MILLION DOLLARS?

In 2002-03, in order to fund the $13 million Water Supply Plan of 2002, water rates were raised by 65% within two years.

When that plan was dropped, rates did not fall, instead have continued to rise.

Since 2002, RWSA has raised $32.5 million in net income above operating and debt expenses. Where is it?

RWSA NET INCOME (revenue - expenses)

  • 2002: $ 161,663
  • 2003: $1,936,843
  • 2004: $4,358,527
  • 2005: $3,885,859
  • 2006: $3,971,459
  • 2007: $6,213,742
  • 2008: $5,852,065
  • 2009: $6,073,334

  • TOTAL = $32,453,492


How much of this reserve was contributed by the city? If reserves are going to be used for the water supply plan, a cost share allocation must be determined and then should be applied to the reserves as well as future debt service on the plan. Currently and according to the 2003 cost-share agreement, the split is 27% city - 73% county.

RWSA Annual Report for 2009
RWSA Annual Report for 2008
RWSA Annual Report for 2007

Excerpts from the Charlottesville Sustainability Policy

Conservation – "conserve and protect our region’s natural resources."

Restoration – "to promptly and responsibly correct conditions that hinder sustainable environments."

5-year CIP 2009-2014
September 13, 2007 public meeting

May 21, 2007 memo from TF to RWSA Board
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