References for CSWP Letter to DEQ and COE:

Letter sent to DEQ and COE

RWSA Permit Support Document

DEQ Permit

USACE permit

2004 Demand Analysis: Gannett Fleming

Letter from DEQ: Scott Kudlas to Dave Norris and Ann Malleck: August 2, 2010

Resolution by City Council for modified Water Plan: September 20, 2010

Letter from DEQ: David Paylor to Frederick, et al : November 23, 2010


HDR Engineering
Dredging Feasibility Study: February 2010

Swartz Report
A Review of the 2004 Demand Analysis: August 2010

Swartz Engineering Economics documented a sustained and consistent drop in the Urban Service Area's average daily water use over the past 8 years, failing an average of 22%
See graph

Modified graph to show safe yield through 2040

Full Report

Black and Veatch
Study of the Existing Dam: September 2010

Summary of intial findings: July 30,2010
Summery of options: August 30.2010
Full reports below

  1. Boring_Well Logs
  2. Core Photographs
  3. Borehole Geophyscial Logging Report
  4. Packer Test Data Analysis 101029
  5. LRMD Subsruface Investigation Text with Appen
  6. LRMD Raise Feasibility Prelim OPCC B&V
  7. Reference 1 - rpt_ragged_prelim_appendD cost
  8. Reference 2 - Schnabel Report 09 19 08.pdf
  9. Reference 3 - PhasingAlternativesReport[1]
  10. Reference 4 - Feasibility study for RM Dam upgrade
  11. Schanbel - rpt_ragged_geologic_appendA
  12. Schnabel - rpt_ragged_geologic

Other referenced studies:

Gray and Pape
Historic Resource Analysis: 2006

2006, Feb 2: DHR report for RMNA; supplement; graphic
Department of Historic Resources documents four historic sites at RMNA and mitigation required

Albemarle Biodiversity Report